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2018-2019 School Site Council Information
The Park View Middle School Mission
Mission Statement
Park View Middle School is an educational community bringing together all stakeholders in a clear, focused, and collaborative effort to guarantee Learning for All. In order to achieve Learning for All we are committed to:
1. Educating all students in a Safe and Orderly School Environment. We continue to clearly define behavioral expectations to students and staff and discuss common expectations. We promote clarity of out three over-arching school rules: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful.
2. Educating all students in a Climate of High Expectations for Success. We will target student motivation through choice and involvement in their own learning. We will use AVID strategies, Thinking Maps and current technology to guide classroom instruction. We will continue to provide quality and purposeful professional development to our staff.
3. Utilizing Instructional Leadership that includes all adults and persistently communicates that mission to parents and students. We will use continual feedback from all to improve our practices.
4. Asking the right questions to increase students' time on task. What do we expect students to learn? How will we know what students have learned? How will we respond to students who are not learning? What will we do for those who are learning? How do we want kids to behave? How do we respond when they do not?
5. Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress so that all kids are on the path for college or career. We will match kids to advanced classes and interventions. We will seek information from teachers, students and their families.
6. We will build trust with our parents and communicate effectively so that we sustain a positive home-to-school relationship.

Park View’s Three Simple Rules:
Be Safe.
Be Responsible.
Be Respectful.