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  • No Vsco girl is complete without a Hydroflask or two or four
  • Get your tickets before they sell out! See Mrs. Stewart for tickets!
  • Project Lit this Friday, 7:30 a.m.
  • See you Friday morning for book discussion with friends and donuts!
  • First chapter Friday book, article of the day, and THEME! Students! What was the theme of the Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man?”
  • Let’s go, PVMS girl’s volleyball!
  • A book talk from a different perspective! Thank you Kate, 3rd grader from Ridgeview (and Ms. Artigue’s daughter 🥰), for visiting my 6th period class and talking about who you are as a reader! My 7th graders were inspired!
  • Thanks for your book talk today, Coach McLeod! I posted John Wooden’s pyramid of success to 4th period Google classroom!
  • Today students debated what they felt was the most significant cause of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Thank you, Ms. Lingenfelter for your book talk and giving us more info about Project Lit! Students who were unable to make the first Project Lit meetings can still join! See your English teacher!
  • Thank you, Gannon, for your book talk/“First Chapter Friday” reading! Happy Birthday!
  • DBQ World Cafe—what factors contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?
What to do when you’re absent
1. Check google classroom and instagram
2. Text or email a classmate or message the teacher via the remind app
3. When you return, ask a classmate what you missed
4. Check the file box for any handouts you may have missed
Please bring these supplies every day!
--Earbuds with "aux jack" (see image below) to use with Chromebooks
--Expo pen (any color, any width)
Also recommended:
--Child safety scissors
--Colored pencils/markers
--Highlighters in a variety of colors
--White glue
Parents--please fill out this brief survey
Social Media links
Some strategies used in my classes