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Welcome Back!
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! If you are visiting this page, you are probably searching for any information about what you can expect for the upcoming year.

As for supplies, I require a few things that are necessary and a few that are not required but are extremely helpful.

Required supplies:
-College ruled composition notebook for each of my classes. (Two classes with me means two different notebooks.) Spiral notebooks will not hold up as well and cannot be used in place of the notebooks. If you are not positive what notebooks I am requesting, we will go over it on Back to School Night. (They will also be on sale at school on Back to School Night.)
-Pencils and pencil lead, if necessary
-A back pack or book bag
-A great attitude and willingness to try and work hard! :)

Helpful supplies, but not required:
-A small enclosed pencil sharpener
-A 12 pack or larger of colored pencils
-A colored pen, for grading and annotating articles
-A highlighter

I am thrilled that you will be in my class and I am looking forward to teaching you many interesting things this year!